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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 34 - May 19 (35km)

I spent the day with a guy from Montreal named JC. His family lives on a farm. He’s already spent two months in Japan walking and camping. I was impressed that he opted for the pure-camping approach, even in the rain. I understood once he showed me his tent: it was a special one-piece that basically can’t get wet inside while you set it up. We talked much throughout the day, and it was refreshing for me to speak so much English. The past month has been mostly Japanese.

We hit 6 temples today and celebrated with an Onsen at the end. The Onsen had camping spots for an outrageous price, so we strolled the beach through the dark instead until we found a suitable place.

Animals: 2 cats

Osettai: candy

Post-trip Addendum:

It was around here that I came up with the One Minute Rule. It states:

A human can walk surprisingly far in one minute. One minute, especially where the path winds, is enough to take someone out of your sight. If you can’t see them, they’re gone. If they’re gone, they don’t exist.

Yes they exist physically somewhere, but they don’t from the perspective of your subjective reality. That you can interact and be affected by someone is a decent definition of existence. So if they aren’t in your personal “Interaction Zone”, they’re just floating out there in the Cloud of Possibility.

Who is just one minute up the road from you? Your future wife? Your best friend? The most interesting person you’d ever meet? But then you decide to take a short break and now a one-minute gap is five. Now it’s an hour. Now it’s a day. You’ll never find them.

This is why it’s a miracle that you do have people in your life. People you were never supposed to meet are nonetheless inside your bubble, and they like being there. Give them, and yourself, a chance.

But also get out there. You never know who is just one minute up the road. Would it kill you to pick up the pace?

I told this to a colleague after I had returned to Tokyo. He had this insight:

You could speed up… but what if they’re behind you?

Original Japanese:

JCとの日。最初の寺で会った。 Montreal の人で家が農家。もう既に二ヶ月も日本を野宿で旅している。一日中様々な事を話しながら寺を打った。久々にこんなに英語を喋るのが楽しかった。




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