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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 32 - May 17 (23km)

I spent today in the City of Matsuyama. Of the temples, I can only recall Ishiteji (51). It had many halls and historical objects within its grounds, but was nearly overrun with tourists.

My Kindle is truly dead, so I sent its husk and a few other things back home as a parcel to myself. After that, just to gain some progress, I hiked across the city and then doubled back to the core (and my hotel) by train. I stopped by the famous Dōgo Onsen and the Mont-bell as well. I had wanted a massage too but couldn’t find a place. I celebrated my arrival in the city with some all-you-can-eat Yakiniku, my first since Kōchi.

At some point in the afternoon I saw a stunningly beautiful woman on the tram. It was the aura, not just the looks. I wanted to talk to her but couldn’t find the chance as I hauled all of my pilgrimage gear through the throng to get off at my stop. Off the tram, I turned back and she was smiling at me. Too bad, I’ll never see her again.

Osettai: Juice, candy, 500 yen, a 50 yen discount, mochi.

Post-trip Addendum:

The point is not that I failed to talk to someone I thought was attractive, but that I let the situation (the chaos of getting off a packed tram with lots of luggage) dictate my actions. This is one of my unconscious self-sabotage strategies and something I’m working on. I could have thought ahead.

Original Japanese:


Kindle は復活しないのでそれとその他の物を郵便で家に送った。その後前進する為に松山を横断して電車で市街に帰って来た。道後温泉も Mont-bell に寄った。マッサージ屋見つからんかったが晩には約束の焼肉を食べ放題で食べた。



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