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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 26 - May 11 (38km)

Today I had to reach Bekkaku 6 before it closed, so I was gone by 5:00. Tetsuko-san woke up as well and saw me off, waving as I disappeared down the road. I arrived at the foot of the mountain pass around 7:00, and the hike took 3 hours. No problem at all with my feet.

I reached Uwajima by 16:00 or so, still plenty of time to visit the temple. Their cemetary was impressive in scale, and the lady at the Nōkyō office was friendly.

The inn I stayed at had been renovated from an old house by a young couple. Apparently their wedding had been a “hitchhike wedding” where they did a once-around of the whole country. I ask myself why I don’t get these kinds of ideas. I need to dream bigger.

Animals: 4 cats, 1 snake

Original Japanese:


宿の若い夫婦がここを古い家から改装して二人で営んでいる。その結婚式も何とhitchhike wedding であって日本を一周した。自分にはこういう発送がないのはなぜだろう。 Dream bigger Colin!


#henro #japan #buddhism

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