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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 23 - May 8 (47km)

Today I got a glimpse of my limits. At the moment I’m set up for the evening at a large dam in the mountains. I left the cape at 5:30 this morning and headed back up the eastern cost. The weather was perfect. Back near the long beach a local told me not to treck down the rockier path, since the rain had washed out the usual sand bridge. I went anyway and jumped the tiny river that had formed. No issue.

By 10:30 I was back at the inn from the previous day and grabbed a quick lunch. That’s already a good 20km walk. There, I talked with the owner about my options for the evening. I was thinking about heading for a campsite a few hours up the road. He suggested I instead go another 10+ km further than that to a dam, saying there’s a park there where I could sleep wherever I want.

I’ll get to the campsite first and then weigh my options.

By 15:00 I was at the campsite. The road to it peeled off from the main road and wound down to the riverside. There wasn’t a soul in sight. Furthermore, I had no water. None even for drinking, let alone cooking. I had drank it all working my way up the narrow yet scenic mountain road. There were outdoor taps here, but no way to know where they draw from. I checked my map again. Another few kilometers to Mihara, and then another handful more after that to the dam. It was only 15:00…

I got to the dam just past 18:00. I was active for a full 12 hours today. And you know what? I was in pretty good shape. Nowhere near as beaten up as I thought I’d be. I had pasta for dinner, alone(?) in the mountains.

Animals: 3 cats, 2 snakes, 4 “badgers”

Osettai: Citrus, nigiri, candies

Post-trip Addendum:

This was the furthest I ever walked in one day. I thought to myself at the time “I could have gone 50”, which means if I really needed to push it or someone’s life was on the line, who knows how far I could go?

As I was setting up my tent, a gray van rolled slowly by. I couldn’t see in the windows; the van was filled with trash and belongings. The nearby dam had a control building where employees must be during the day, and I had noticed a number of cars in its parking lot, and yet the building itself seemed dark. My guess was that the cars actually belonged to nomads, just one step away from homelessness.

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