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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 20 - May 5 (23km)

It was a straightforward day. I set off at 6, and after two hours found myself in Tosa Saga. After feasting on some Katsuo-tataki at a Michi-no-eki, I took a video of the surroundings for Wataru and the guys.

I got a bit lost on a mountain path, but soon found my way back out again.

After walking for ages I finally reached the outskirts of Shimanto City. Tonight I’ll be staying at a campsite for surfers. A few of them came over to talk to me, and pretty soon they were sharing their BBQ with me. We had some good conversations. One in particular was memorable; the young owner of a local fertilizer company and I discussed the relationship between big cities like Tōkyō and the countryside. From his perspective, he’s grateful to the cities for creating a market for the countryside to sell to.

Apropos nothing, I had the feeling that I need more control over my time.

Animals: 10 sagi

Osettai: Meat, mochi, tea

Post-trip Addendum:

I hadn’t bathed in four days. The campsite had a coin-operated shower, but 5-minutes max, cold water only. It’s meant for the surfers to wash sand off themselves. As I stood naked in the stall with the coin in my hand, I thought “it’s this or being dirty for another day”. I put the coin in… and it was fine. The cold-water baths you find in Onsens are colder. Humans aren’t weak.

The town of Tosa Saga was a joke-milestone, as I used to live in Saga City in Kyūshū. Wataru is a friend from that era who I still meet up with in Tōkyō.

Original Japanese:



ずっと歩いて四万十市を目の前に今日は surfers がよく通うキャンプ場で寝る。話し掛けられて地元の人々と色々喋った。特に、肥料を作っている会社の若手社長 surfer と、都会と田舎の関係について語った。もっと、自分の時間を自由に操れる状況を作らないと。



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