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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 18

After what I wrote last night, the owners of the inn called me into the house and fed me a bit more, which they weren’t at all obligated to do. I got a chance to chat with the other guests, who apparently had made their booking months ago.

At some point past midnight, I was woken by a sound near the garbage cans. Something was in a tree. I got out of my tent and shone a light at it, and golden, twirling eyes stared back at me. A demon monkey from hell, I concluded, but we agreed that I’d get back in my tent if he agreed not to come down and feast on my soul.

The next morning I waited and waited at the small ferry terminal, but no boat ever came. A careful inspection of the small, posted schedule stated “no service on holidays”. It was a Friday, but technically still Golden Week, so that must have been it. While I was waiting I had read a lot and made some great personal discoveries, so the time was fruitful after all. Maybe a gift, even.

I had no choice but to press on on foot. Tonight’s lodging is a henro hut at the foot of my next mountain climb.

Animals: 3 cats, 1 mamushi

Osettai: a morning Bentō, citrus

Post-trip Addendum:

This was also the day I visited Bekkaku 5, Daizenji.

Original Japanese:


今日念願の Ferry は運休なのか、待ったのに来なかった。その間代わりに本を読んだので完全時間の無駄ではなかった。仕方なく歩き出すのみ。今夜は麓の小屋で寝る。



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