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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 17

I didn’t sleep well and was already walking by 5:30.

The temple, Kiyotakiji (35), was nice. It was a 100m or so climb from the valley to the temple, and the view down on Tosa City was fantastic.

Once in Usa I found the lodging situation to be… not good. Another temple full, as were all the surrounding inns. There were two ways forward, and at the temple’s suggestion I avoided the highway and retraced my steps back over the big bridge and headed up the coast that way. It’s the “long way around” but there’s a short ferry you can take in between. Apparently Kūkai did it that way too, so it’s not cheating. That’ll be tomorrow.

The sun was wanting to set as I took a short break by a small, roadside shop. An old lady came out and gave me some citrus fruit and something deepfried. They were both delicious, although the fruit was filled with seeds. This is real life, I thought to myself.

A bit past that I found the inn “Nazuna”, a place that had been recommended to me before but I knew was full. I asked if they knew anywhere I could throw my tent down for the night, and they offered to let me pitch it in their driveway for a fee. Another lucky night!

Animals: 20, yes 20, cats

Osettai: Bread, citrus fruit, something deepfried, snacks, tea

Original Japanese:





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