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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 15

As long as my tent is under a roof I can sleep without the fly on. The tent itself won’t get wet, and I stay cool during the night.

I reached Kokubunji (29) almost right away, and the rain let up just then. The sun peaked through the clouds, and with no one else around, I had a few minutes of peace in the quiet temple grounds. Of the temple itself I can only say that “they’re doing it right”. Some temples don’t try that hard or don’t “look the part”, but this one does. I’d say #2 after Tairyūji in terms of atmosphere.

By the afternoon I was in Kōchi City proper and ready for some sightseeing. I swung by the castle, watched some old guys play Shōgi, and rewarded my recent efforts with some celebratory Yakiniku.

Animals: 8 sagi, 3 cats

Post-trip Addendum:

There are 4 temples named “Kokubunji” in Shikoku, and this was the second one. There is one in each prefecture, as was mandated by the emperor in the 700s.

I had never been to Kōchi prefecture before this, let alone the city of the same name, so coming this far was another victory.

Apart from the Yakiniku I also made a trip to the local Mont Bell, an outdoor goods store. I picked up some “casual socks” and convinced another customer to buy the very socks I was wearing, my invincible, form-fitting pair.

Original Japanese:

雨が降っても、屋根があれば fly 無しでもテント内は濡れない。これで涼しいまま寝れる。歩き出したらすぐに国分寺に着いて雨も止んでくれた。この寺はとにかく静かで綺麗。よく「お寺」をやっている。太龍寺の次に雰囲気がよかった。



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