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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 14

The rain waited until I got to Dainichiji (28) but it hasn’t stopped since then. A henro hut is the best I can do for lodging today, but at least it’s a nice one. There is an Onsen only 2km away, so I passed the afternoon there and had dinner before trudging back through the rain to the hut. Luckily no one had claimed it in the interim.

Post-trip Addendum:

I had only packed one small towel, which I unfortunately lost somewhere around Miroto cape. It must have fallen while I was walk-drying it. Nagaoka Onsen, where I spent the afternoon, had some for sale so I picked one up. That guy lasted the rest of the pilgrimage, and he’s currently safe in the closet of my Tokyo apartment. Every time I pulled him out during the trip I remembered how Nagaoka Onsen had come through for me that rainy day.

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