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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 12

A full rest day to see how much my blister heals. The graves of the “23 Warriors” were at a temple nearby, so I checked that out.

For lunch, the owner of the inn took me to a famous ramen place nearby. The put the biggest lump of butter in there I’ve ever seen in a ramen. Man was it good.

Osettai: Onigiri, lodging

Post-trip Addendum:

The 23 Warriors had been executed somewhat unceremoniously after a pseudo-cout back in the 1800s. A farewell poem that the wife of the leader wrote after he died is carved into a pillar by the graves. Overall there was a lot of upheaval in Japan at the time, and as we know, the modernizers won out.

Bless the owner, she only charged me for dinner on the second day and not the housing itself. Since we were also on the cusp of Golden Week, she told me that if I couldn’t manage to find something in the Kōchi City area over the next few days that I could hop on a train and come back to her place, again for free.

Original Japanese:



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