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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 11

I was up before 5:00 and out the door soon after. I didn’t really want to interact with the owner anymore, and didn’t have to since it was so early. The temple wasn’t actually that far, so after scoping out its location I went and grabbed breakfast at a convenience store. After completing the temple routine, I killed some time reading a book while waiting for the Nōkyō office to open.

The climb up to Kongōchōji (26) wasn’t bad at all. After that it was just another long walk. Hours later, just short of my lodging for the night, it decided to start drizzling. The town, Nahari, was otherwise nice.

You’d think my feet would be impervious by this point, but a blister on my right heel has suddenly worsened and walking is becoming painful. I think tomorrow is going to be a rest day, just in case.

Animals: 1 cat

Osettai: Mochi, gum, tea

Post-trip Addendum:

I was actually worried that I would have some critical foot issue and would have to halt the pilgrimage, but that never happened. By this point I was used to dealing with blisters, so I was surprised at this one. As a full-time walker, you have no choice but to drain blisters when they form. I always did so with scissors from my multitool, some disinfectant, and bandages. This nasty guy required a somewhat deep cut to get at the liquid, and what came out was an oddly red-tinged yellow (and a good amount of it). Fortunately, that was the second last blister of the entire route.

I haven’t mentioned food much, but breakfasts at convenience stores were a fairly regular occurance. What else is open that early?

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