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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 10

There was no Tsunami to wash me away during the night, but the inside of my tent was still a bit damp when I awoke. And apparently, unlike lakes, the ocean doesn’t calm down at night. Or at least around here it doesn’t. Regardless, I wiped down the inside of the tent and dried out the fly a bit before leaving around 6:00. Unlike the past two days, the sky was clear of clouds.

An older married couple made me lunch half an hour earlier than their usual opening time. Apparently their granddaughter had spent some time in Canada.

At the cape, the view from the cliff-side lighthouse was fantastic. Deep, clear blues from both the sky and sea. The temple, on the other hand, was fairly plain. Since their Shukubō was full, I headed back down the mountain to a cheap inn called “Kawasaki”, where the owner was, shall we say, quite “honest” in her speech. She kindly informed me how much I stank and promptly drew a bath for me. There had been some mixup with my reservation (being forgotten), but it all turned out in the end.

Animals: 6 cats, 1 murder hornet

Post-trip Addendum:

At the temple I ran into Tomatsu-san again, an actual monk walking the pilgrimage in the traditional robes. I had met him the first time a day or two previously near the town of Mugi as we were both being poured on by the sky. He was trying to avoid inns as much as possible, which I assume is part of the training. Sophie was at the temple too, a french woman who I had also briefly met at Yakuōji (23) three days before.

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