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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 9

I slept well. My sleeping bag, which should have dried over night hanging where it was, had somehow gotten even wetter from the damp air overnight. Once breakfast was over, the owner drove me back up to Kaifu to dry my things at a Laundromat. Once we got back, I set off right away. It was already 8. It was raining as hard as yesterday, so on I went.

At Shishikui I finally found an available barber. Seriously: middle of the day, middle of the countryside, a weekday, yet 5 barbers in a row were filled with old folks cutting hair for other old folks. Once in the chair we had a good chat. Apparently a good number of pilgrims stop by his place, especially since it’s directly on the pilgrimage route. About an hour after I left his place, he appeared out of the blue in his car with some baked goods for me. I thanked him while wondering who was watching the shop.

I hid from the rain for about half an hour at Meitokuji, a small temple not part of the main 88 but on the map nonetheless. No one seemed to be home. After that it was just a matter of trudging through the rain until I reached my destination for the night around 15:30, a small roofed hut on the side of the highway. It was right by the ocean with nothing before or after it for a good stretch. Tomorrow is a 30km day. Unfortunately, the Shukubō at the cape’s temple is already full.

Animals: 1 monkey

Osettai: a ride to the laundromat, bread, more bread

Original Japanese:






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