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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 4

A strong wind had blown overnight and the air was cool so close to the river. Once again I woke up around 5 and was gone after 40 minutes of cleanup and preparations. As I walked, the morning light reflecting off the tree leaves made me feel the beauty of reality.

It was about 5km to Dainichiji (13) and I arrived around 7:15. As I was waiting for the Nōkyō Office to open, Kenji-san appeared. I found the timing strange and he admitted he had set off at 4 that morning.

I continued on through the morning’s temples, and stopped once at Temple 17 to form a plan for the evening. The Shukubō of Tatsueji (19) was full, so instead I called an inn called “Minshuku Chiba” nearby Temple 18 and booked a room there. Unfortunately, it was another 20km further from where I was, and it was already noon.

I lost about 1km in Tokushima City getting turned around the winding streets, but in the end I made it to the inn just before 5. The road had been long and hot, but I made it. Who knew what the human mind-body was capable of. Somehow Barbara also showed up at Chiba later that evening. Jeffery had apparently headed into the city proper and must have stayed somewhere there.

Animals: 2 cats

Osettai: Advice

Post-trip Addendum:

“Shukubō” are official accomodations within a temple, including meals. I had very poor Shukubō luck this trip, only managing a single night’s stay over the 47 days, and only because it was up a mountain and off the main pilgrim path at a secondary temple. Worth it though.

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