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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 2

The ceaseless bombardment from mosquitos and the cement floor of the bell tower meant I didn’t manage much sleep. I gave up at 5 a.m. and hit the road alone. Sydney wasn’t at the Hut nor Kumadaniji (8), so I guess she got lost somewhere. I saw Takahara-san again at temples 8 and 9. We were surrounded by farmers fields; it was stereotypical Japanese countryside. Kirihataji (10) was up a short mountainside, and it felt good to be surrounded by trees again. At a nearby shop I finally picked up a Sugegasa that would actually fit my head.

Lunch was the biggest bowl of Udon I’ve eaten in my life. Turns out walking all day makes you hungry.

By the late afternoon I had reached Fujiidera (11) and stayed the night at pilgrim-specific placed called Yado Eleven. It seemed rather new and is close to the foot of the mountain. Tomorrow is a big climb, the first real test for walking pilgrims.

As a side note, walking alone is much more freeing.

Animals: 4 cats

Osettai: Water, candy, luggage storage, tea, use of a bicycle, a plastic bag.

Post-trip Addendum:

I didn’t see Sydney again and have no idea where she could have gone. Jeffery was also with me at Yado Eleven, and Kenji-san stayed outside. The three of us had walked together most of the day. Kenji-san and I had dinner together at a nearby cheap sushi place, but I didn’t enjoy spending time with him.

Original Japanese:

蚊の絶えない攻撃と中々 comfortable になれん鐘楼の床でほぼ寝れなかった。五時に諦めて一人で旅立った。 Sydney は八番の小屋の近くにおらず熊谷寺にも居なかったからおそらく迷った。八番と九番でまた高原さんと会った。その辺りは畑ばかりで田舎の象徴。切幡寺は一気に自然に戻り、近くの販売店で菅笠をやっと手に入れた。お昼はがっつりとしたざるうどんセット。夜はおやどイレブン、やたら新しく出来た、藤井寺のすぐ近くに位置する宿。明日は登山。別件、独りで歩く方がやはり自由。


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