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Henro Pilgrimage - Day 0

Apparently the Japanese word for “Leech” is “Hiru”, which happens to overlap with the word for “afternoon”. I’ve already been to Temple 1, Ryōzenji, with Takahara-san, an 80-year-old man that is staying at the same Henro House lodge as me today. I’ve already bought all the gear I need except for a Sugegasa). My official start is supposed to be tomorrow, but the guy running the lodge suggested we get the first temple out of the way today (just 100m up the road) so that we can get on our way earlier tomorrow. We took his advice but it was still so sudden that a large part of me was having trouble believing the journey had really begun. Tonight I’m sharing a room with Takahara-san.

Post-trip Addendum:

Henro House is an alliance of inns that cater to walking pilgrims and smartphone-savvy folks from overseas. You can check availability and book directly online. Average cost for one night is around 3500 yen. Sometimes they feed you but not always.

I say “shared a room” but it was massive and probably could have slept 10 people.

Original Japanese:

「蛭」は Leech らしい。遍路ハウスで知り合った高原さん(80歳)と一緒に霊山寺にお詣りした。菅笠以外は全部購入済み。正式な出発は明日のはずだったが宿の人に今日の内にした方が朝早く旅立てると言われてそうしたけれど、急で気持ちが追いつかなかった。夜は高原さんと相部屋。

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